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Commission Management

Commission Management is an important part of any business but managing it manually is a time consuming, complex and lengthy process that companies have to manage each and every month. Many resellers that we speak to are managing commissions using spreadsheets and although it can be flexible it doesn’t mean it’s the right solution to use. Stats indicate that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors. They are generally managed  by excel experts who use calculations and v-lookups but as businesses  grow this isn’t sustainable.  Without strong commission management you aren’t competitive, so a tool is needed that is scalable, automated,  and easy to use.

What are the benefits of automating Sales Commissions

Reduce Errors

Using a structured commission system will help reduce errors which are often associated with spreadsheets such as manual keying, miscalculations and typos.  All of these can have disastrous results and the chances are you won’t find the mistake until the money has left the business or you have an unhappy salesperson. SymBill’s commission functionality which is easy to use can help in reducing the number of errors made and can save our clients money.

Create Commission plans that are unique to your business

Most commission plans offer different rates for different types of sales, products or time frames. Some have fixed payments, one-off payments or a percentage value. Plans that are unique to your business may not be introduced as they are complex to establish and difficult to administer. At Symbiant we accept this and will work with you to understand your commission model and develop a solution that works for just you.

Reporting Functionality

Managing commissions within a system ensures that all the performance and sales data is visible in one place. This will allow comprehensive reporting on sales commission information. Analytical and dashboard functions allow the user to slice and dice the information in various ways. In SymBill you have visibility of information such as top achievers and commission summary, we also work with you to deploy commission reports that are relevant to your business KPIs.


As your business grows and your sales team expands, spreadsheets can’t keep up. Managing large Sales teams and complex commission plans become an administrative nightmare. Managing commission through a solution will ensure accurate data input and workflows will allow you to adopt a repeatable sales process. It helps to accommodate the team and reduces the workload for the administration team members. Not only is SymBill’s commission functionality easy to use, it can help in reducing the number of errors made and can save you money.  It can be customised, we will work with you collaboratively to understand your needs and deliver a commission solution that is unique to your business.  
How do you ensure you pay the right commission, on-time, every time. Get in touch today and we will show you how our SymBill billing solution can help you.

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