Not All Migrations Are Made Equal

New Acquisition

Whenever an acquisition is made there is a period of uncertainty about the quality of data and whether the actual billing has been accurate in the past.

The Solution

Symbiant will guide you through this process. Symbiant’s migration team will take you through the journey of integrating your new business into your existing base.  They will interrogate data, report on the data, carry out parallel runs and forecast.  You know exactly what to expect and how it will bill.

Client Feedback

Since we have been on an acquisition drive over the past 12 months, the team at Symbiant have managed to assist us through the minefield and successfully integrated a plethora of billing systems into SymBILL.

We truly believe that the service we received and the guidance we got and continue to get is unparalleled within the industry and anyone looking for a billing system with a crack team of developers and experts need look no further than Symbiant.

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