Energy Sales & Billing

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Support and Bill Systems

Energy Supplier Customer Acquisition

At Symbiant Technologies we have proven systems that have supported business energy suppliers to effectively manage in excess of 80,000 new energy contracts. Our solutions include:

  • Broker Portal, with a built-in price checking capability
  • Sales partner commission function, with clawback capability
  • Pre-live sales partner and customer communication
  • Contract renewal reporting
  • Billing for Business and Domestic customers
  • Automated interfaces to industry systems
  • Adaptable tariff structures
  • Back-office interaction
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Maximising your cost recovery and profitability

2018 saw a significant number of supplier failures, but such failures can present opportunities to others to offer services to the thousands of customers currently being served under Supplier of Last Resort arrangements. Our systems are designed to support your customer acquisition programmes.

We will be delighted to explain our services in more detail to see how we can help support your business grow.

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