Choosing an IT & Telecoms Billing Solution

What to consider when choosing a IT & Telecom Billing Solution

When choosing billing software, it’s important to pay attention to such details as customisation, security, reporting, automation, and integration. A best-in-class billing solution should include all of these capabilities, in order to become an important addition to your company’s tools and technologies. This is what the Symbiant product range will provide, and along with our unrivalled service support, we will help you grow your business and make you stand out from the crowd.


Understanding customer goals and objectives is vital for resellers to provide products and services that are relevant to your clients. Ensuring your telecoms billing solution has an innovative CRM feature will allow you to develop a deep understanding of your customers and help you to build and retain strong customer relationships. A centralised location to view your customer information, products, services and tariffs will allow your teams to easily answer customer enquiries.  Our SymCloud solution is an easy to use cloud based customer management solution that not only holds all your customer information, margin boosting products and tariff management but it also has our customer contact logging functionality. This will enable your operation to efficiently manage everything from general queries and internal notes to fault tickets and debt action. Emailing notes directly from the system means you can update relevant parties efficiently. All departments can use the system for their own activities maintaining data integrity and increasing productivity and efficiency through dynamic reporting.


Every IT & Telecom reseller is different and so your billing solution should allow you to focus on functionality that is unique to your company. The best billing solutions should be highly customizable and allow you to add your own personal touches for your business. At Symbiant we provide unique tailored solutions and various service offerings, which provides our clients with more choice. They can take advantage of an out of the box solution or they can tailor SymBill, making it unique to them. At Symbiant we encourage development and understand that not one system suits all.  That means listening to our clients, taking the time to fully understand their requirements and working collaboratively to build a solution that exceeds their expectations.

User and Customer Experience

The intuitiveness and ease of use of the user interface is one the most important features of a high quality billing platform. Your team shouldn’t be spending hours trying to figure out how to use the system. As well as focusing on your users’ experience you should also be focusing on your clients’ experience. Every billing platform should have a portal for your clients to access their information 24/7. This way your clients are able to manage online bills and account details to make timely payments and improve your company’s cash flow. Our SymBill solution has step-by-step intuitive billing wizards and automation that leads you through each stage of your bill run, ensuring the bills are issued how and when you want them.  Our SymPortal can be accessed by your customers via your website and can be customised to closely reflect your own branding. We have ensured that SymPortal is intuitive, easy to use and supports many of the most common enquiries


Reporting is a must-have feature for any telecoms billing solution.

Your billing software has access to a variety of data and the reports generated give you insightful information about your business. Supplying you with an in-depth and intuitive understanding of your business to allow you to monitor fraud, debt and wholesale costs. The correct reporting can also help you to identify and understand trends, turning them into up-sell opportunities.

At Symbiant Technologies understanding your reporting needs is an integral part of our migration process. We do not believe in clogging up your SymBill solution with standard reports that are of no value to you.

We will collaborate with you to understand your KPIs and business requirements and provide you with structured, real time reports that you really need and in the format you want to run your business.

Working with Symbiant can help turn your data into one of your most valuable assets.

Integration with 3rd party suppliers

No matter how good your billing solution is, it can’t exist independently. Billing is an integral part of your workflow, so your billing provider should be able to integrate with other popular sales, provisioning, finance and CRM systems. Lack of integration capability is the key issue telecoms/IT resellers face, when choosing the best software for their needs. If a smooth integration isn’t possible, you could be looking at an outdated tool, which has trouble keeping up with the latest cutting-edge technology. Our SymBill billing solution can be integrated with a range of popular sales management, provisioning, finance and customer management solutions. Our comprehensive integration capabilities help you streamline your back-office activities, key tasks and reduce keying errors.

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