• SymBill is charged on a monthly basis, using a highly competitive charging structure based on the amount billed through the system.
  • SymPortal is a free but valuable add-on available to clients billing above a monthly threshold. It is available at a monthly charge for other users. Please contact us and we will happily discuss service and pricing options.
  • Many of our clients prefer to initially make use of our Bureau Billing Service, with the option to take billing in-house in the future.
  • For those selecting the self-billing option good levels of numeracy and an eye for detail are probably the most important characteristics needed to be an effective billing manager using SymBill.
  • We work closely with you to fully understand your current services and your billing needs.
  • 2 or more parallel billing runs are undertaken and we only transfer you to the SymBill platform once you have confirmed you are happy with the results and are confident in the use of SymBill.
  • Our systems have been designed to be logical and easy to use. However, we recognise that all systems have unique aspects so we will provide the level of support required to get you to a position where you feel confident in its use.
  • As well as initial training our team all have a detailed knowledge of the system and are available during normal office hours to respond to telephone and email enquiries.
  • Many of our clients prefer to initially make use of our Bureau Billing Service, with the option to take billing in-house in the future.
  • SymBill has an easy import tool that allows you to import data from any carrier with the click of a button.
  • We can manage your CDR downloads if you prefer.
  • By default, invoices will be issued with your name and branding.
  • Other options are available, such a dual branding. Let us know what works best for your company and we can develop the required solution.
  • In addition to details of their lines and services, customers can view bills online through the SymPortal web portal.
  • They can also request reports and email alerts to help them better understand their usage of your services.
  • Through the use of API’s we communicate with a wide range of CRM and Accounting systems. Please talk to us about the other systems with which you would wish to integrate.
  • Most of our clients have separate access to WLR3 so is not integral to SymBill. However, we would be happy to discuss with you options for linking to WLR3.
  • Most of our current clients have chosen to host SymBill on their own servers.
  • However, we do offer a hosted solution.
  • Please talk with us to determine which works best for your needs.
  • SymBill contains a flexible commissions system to help you manage simple or complex commissions options relevant to your sales partners.
  • SymBill has a CRM solution that helps you to track notes and manage customer relationships once they are on board.
  • It also includes numerous wizards to streamline recurring activities to reduce the risk of errors and improve quality.

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