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Our flagship Telecoms Billing solution

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Self Managed or Bureau Telecoms Billing

Scalable, Fast, Efficient

No more spending days waiting for the bill run to complete, thereby ensuring your bills are ready to despatch on time to support the prompt collection of amounts owed to you. Our scalable telecoms billing solutions maintain quick bill generation as your business grows.

Revenue Assured

We recognise the importance of ensuring that all chargeable wholesale costs are passed on to your customers. Our powerful revenue assurance tools ensure missed revenue is a thing of the past.

Systems Integration

SymBill can be integrated with a range of popular sales management, provisioning, finance and customer management solutions to help you streamline your back-office activities, reduce keying errors and manage key tasks.

Carrier Support

We support a large range of carriers out-of-the-box, and will add support for any new carrier you choose to use!

BT Wholesale
Digital Wholesale Solutions
Gamma Telecom
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  • SymBill contains a flexible commissions system to help you manage simple or complex commissions options relevant to your sales partners.
  • Through the use of API’s we communicate with a wide range of CRM and Accounting systems. Please talk to us about the other systems with which you would wish to integrate.

With flexible tariff structures we can help you drive up the margins you derive from customers’ use of your services.

Our standard invoice templates are clear and designed to be easy to understand – no more billing queries about unclear invoices.

Customisable invoice templates to include marketing messaging to relay to your customers.

You’re in control – configure which elements of the invoice you want to include on your bills.

SymPortal – customer account portal, in your branding, to deliver billing information to end customers, Fraud Alert reporting and other customer service features.

We remain abreast of all regulatory changes, ensuring our systems are always compliant and work with you (our clients) to guide you through any steps you need to take, e.g. the introduction of mobile spend limits, so you can be confident of ongoing compliance.

SymCloud telecoms billing system - Account Overview

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